2011 Year ender

This year was my CAREER YEAR! I’ve been so blessed and thankful for all the blessings I’ve had this year, and allow me to look back through this entry.

Monthly Highlights:


My 22nd birthday 


I lost 10kgs. hahahaha. diet mode. I was aiming to wear bikini for summer.


Shumu-shoot ng slight slight. :)


A certified Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider plus.. I was the emcee during the training

First time to attend a bridal shower with a Macho Dancer! (although he’s not that macho in reality. lol)


My first time at Anguib, Sta. Ana Cagayan and I was in awe with the view. I felt like I was a few steps away from the clouds!

My first time to be rushed at the ER because of dyspnea to the highest level.. but still, me gana parin akong magpicture noh. For documentation purposes and my instinct served me right. Eto may pam-blog tuloy ako di ba?

I met one of my singing idols, @armimillare!!!!!!!!!! Omaygads. I was just in plain fangirl mode this time. 


Things only got better, I got to watch another band I look up to.. INCUBUS!

aaaaaaaaaand…I finally got what I want since I was in Elementary. *drumroll*


First seminar as an Infection Control Nurse

I was the host during our hospital’s 17th yr anniversary


St.Lukes QC Seminar

International Conference on Infection Control

Bonding with Mama during her birthday 

My first real plane ride which left me breathless because my obsession with clouds was fulfilled. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I was  the emcee for the RH Bill Conference. 

Meeting with our committee members


Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response seminar @ Santiago City

..and then I met my long time crush and idol, @BrianPuspos


More with friends and work friends

thank you so much for a bountiful year… 

2012, you’re mine. 







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