Despite the bumps these past few days, I decided to at least have fun on my birthday. Well, originally, I was planning not to do anything and just shut the whole world down for a day, but it’s my day anyway so why not just do what normal people do.. CELEBRATE.

I slept at the couch and woke up 10am. Checked my phone for time, saw a lot of birthday greetings but decided to leave it unread and texted @nimolorenzo for my plans for the day, which I had none.

So I went out and my First stop, I had a haircut. I hate going to parlors cause I hate how they diss my already horrendous hair but I felt I needed it to push away bad vibes so I went anyway.

Second stop, food for people at work. I’m with them every single day and celebrated birthdays and special occasions together so, I would be unfair if I don’t make an effort to share my day with them thus, I bought food.

I thought my day ended there but while walking around I saw @iamjanaflores . I thought I was okay being MIA but, I realized I miss my friends especially having a good laugh with them, so I invited them for a KTV sesh. Maybe I’ll feel better when I hang with them for a while.

Third. Went home and had dinner with the fambam. It was uhm, how could I describe it.. plain and ordinary. Nothing really special. Bonus was this lantern they tested which almost set fire to our neighbor’s car. FAIL.

Gow! Fly!

Fourth. So after how many weeks, I finally met them again. I missed them. Original plan was KTV at Anne’s but they’re full so nag-kodakan lang kami dun. Thank you anyway for the comfy couch. [demeye, @frncspuffy @iamjanaflores @ToNnEe @bria121610 @januscats @mattalamo

And of course, super touched ako sa effort. Award!

After tambay at Anne’s, we went at Culinare instead. Good thing they still have vacant rooms for us. As expected, pataasan nanaman ng notes. Just, thank you guys, you may not know what I’m going through but you made me feel better. I love you all.

Well, I guess life works in mysterious ways. When one is down, one will flourish. I am blessed for having such people who squeezed me in their tight sched. You don’t know how much you’ve made me happy even for a few hours.

And as for 23 years of existence, I have a new mantra: Carpe that fvcking Diem. I kind of like that the F word stays there cause it gives me a certain type of high that says, just go for it. Eh basta yun na yun.

23. I’m 23. Woah. #KthanksBye


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