Nuclear Bomb Blessing

Who the hell blesses a nuclear bomb? Of course, I’m just chosing with you. :D Not funny. Back to my story, our hospital just had a new department put up and of course, being it a catholic hospital, it is a must for the unit to be blessed. See, I’m really not good with dates and days, and this just happened a few days ago but I couldn’t exactly identify the day or date it happened.

On to the story, welcome our new department, Nuclear Medicine! :D

And, it has also been a practice that they assign usherettes for the guests. It was my first time to usher and I believe I SUCK! hahaha. Poor social skills to blame. Well here are some shots of me and other girls.

Ate Chase and Ate Karen

Ate Bianca


And yes, this is me, Med-Rep meets Corporate attire ang peg.

Ribbon Cutting, blessing and kaching kaching

Ze machine


Group pictures 

With Dr. Chan


and again, group shots never end. 

Sooooooo. That’s all! Will be posting more complete stories next time. :)

P.S. Heels does hurt but makes me feel tall so kthanksbye! 




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