Fishballs with CLAZZ!

We had this seminar about a lot of chorvanezz ecklavooh which practically toasted not h=just our brains but also out ingrowns as well! Kaloka lang magjeels! hehe. It all started with a joke na magfishballs daw kami sa Centro na nka business attire at aba aba aba ngkatotoo na! 

Cost-cutting kami so eto ang ride! Siksikan ever para makatipida jones

Eto ang isa pang cost cutting! Fishballs while speaking in English!

I strongly believe that “Dos-tatlo” is worth the wait

Happy Tummy! :)

Fishballin’ from sun-up..

…till sun down!

Living up to our MedRep-ish look!


After fishball, BBQ naman! From Kalye Commercio to Bagumbayan walkathon! 

Red team!

And finally, di na kineri ng powers! 





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