Just a few minutes before I made this entry, was a vehicular accident.

It was a van versus tricycle. The van was on the right lane, while the latter, was obviously drunk and went straight into the van’s bumper. We all heard the brake and boom sound so we went out to check out what happened.

We arrived at the crime scene with the tricycle turned upside down. Being the nurse that I am, I was trying to assess if the person’s still alive or not. I could not go near him and as much as I want to give him first aid cause I can’t meddle with the “crime scene”. I tried to wait for the police, but 30 minutes passed and still no one responded. Valuing every minute that is lost to try to save whatever we could for the man inside, I made the effort to call the nearest hospital for ambulance. I got a hold of the operator, and then to the emergency room. I had the chance to speak to a Male nurse I guess, asking him if they could send an ambulance blah blah blah. He cut me mid sentence and asked me to wait. Then he passed the phone to a woman, which I presume was the senior nurse and relayed the information. I was expecting for a prompt response but she reasoned out instead. She told me they had a lot of patients, and the ambulance was blah blah blah blah. Bottom line is, no help was coming. And what’s irritating is that “Kayo nalang magdala dito, di namin maasikaso pumunta pa diyan”.


After a few more minutes, the police finally arrived, did the standard procedure of getting the details of the incident. I tried to wait patiently for them to complete their initial assessment. There was 2 of them, so one was tasked of interviewing the people involved so I guess the other was on the scene perse. The other guy just kept on flashing the light on the victim, and then talk to people, actually had time to crack a joke, and then flash another light and then go around. I could only take so much!

I tried my best to sound calm and asked them “Ano Sir, hindi niyo pa ba aasikasuhin yung tao sa loob? Pumapatak yung oras”. Finally! Common sense hit them and they finally had the initiative to turn the tricycle down and rush the victim to the hospital.

Now it’s 11:40 and I’m still hyped and my bloods boiling! Imagine all the time wasted to lessen whatever damage and injury the victim incurred! Our system sucks, seriously. I don’t want to generalize but if that’s how these people respond to emergency situations, then they should be partly blamed why there are increased casualties! These people should be trained and disciplined well.

I wish those candidates who are able to spend for their air time would also make a move to spend for the improvement of their people. Or at least, get them in touch with their compassionate side, if there’s any, so that they would learn how to at least show concern.

Argh. Still so pissed. Hmp. Bye!


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