Canon <3 [07.2012]

So while at work, I admit. I was on twitter. And.. I literally fell off my chair when I read Mr. Jason Magbanua’s tweet that he’s on his way to Tuguegarao! So, I had to ask him the details and luckily, he replied to all my queries. He’s having a workshop with Canon together with Mr. Mark Floro and being the photography hobbyist that I am, I felt the need to attend!

On the same day, our pharmacist RK also told me about it so, at exactly 3pm, I was rushing out to try to make it through the workshop, but my instinct told me to just call Mark Jellicoe for some info and luckily, it’s a 3-day workshop so I still have two days to spare. I also asked my supervisor to adjust my sched just so I could make it to the workshop. Ok. I’m so ready!

The next day, So I was rushing out trying to get to the 2:30 call time at CSU and seems like it was a total fail! The sched given to me was a big CHOS! I walked around the campus looking for the workshop and the guard even lead me to the VP just to answer my queries. He wasn’t sure about the workshop either.

(Notice the transition from straight english to beckimese haha)

So after the time I’ve wasted, I just decided to go to Mark Jellicoe and apparently, the info I got from them was wrong. WTF who the hell was that girl who talked to me. They just told me to go tomorrow and register early. EH MANINIWALA PABA AKO SA INYO! PURO KAU CHOS! So, I just went to Roma instead. Maninigurado nako.

So when I got there, MALI NANAMAN SILA! Sabi nila 3rd floor yun pala 2nd! Hayyyy I’m so pissed na. (arte?) hahaha. Buti nalang at best in inquiry ako so they just led mo to the 2nd floor. When I got there, maarte naman daw ako nagtanong. Nagenglish ako ng slight para naman di ako magmukhang jeje sa pagkahaggard sa kakalakbay ko!

Me: Uhhhhhmmmmm. Hi. (sabay smile). Is this the Canon workshop? (Kahit me napakalaking tarp ang canon sa harap ko.)
Canon Rep: Yes Mam
Me: Uhhhhhhmmmmm, How do I register for tomorrow? (pa-cute parin)
Canon Rep: Just keme keme keme
Me: Blah blah blah. Ok thanks! Oh, by the way, can I still sit in? (ongoing pa kasi yung workshop)
Canon Rep: Oh sure Maam.

So I went inside. Wheeeeew. Tagaktak pawis ko girl! Kasi bukod sa kung san2 ako npadpad eh nakipagenglishan pako! Sakto me lafur pa pala. Inanticipate ko na free yun so umupo ako sa me food. Siyempre inoffer na nila. Siyempreeeeeeeeeeee ayaw ko kunwari! Pero after 5minutes, inavail ko agad. Ubos in 1 sitting ung coke!



Back to the workshop. Of course, I was in awe while they were showing their new products. I love learning new things about gadgets. Especially when it comes to Canon cameras.

Before the day ended, may paraffle! Since I was late, I just listed my name before the raffle. So when they were drawing the winner, mega explore lang ako nung mga camera sa likod!

Amira…… I won! Bigay agad ng cam ke ewan ko na at ito ang kuha niya! EPIC FAIL!


So, I just went home at dun nalang ako ngpaphoto ke Mama.


Nanalo ako ng printer with DTI Representative! Choz! Proud na proud pa mga Canon staff sa akin kasi alam nilang lahat ng late akiz! Che! Andami kong hirap for this noh! Kung alam lang nila. So, aside from bet ko tlaga magworkshop at masight mga idol ko, isa pang reason kung bkit ako gogora the next day ay dahil dito! Sana manalo ako ulit sa paraffle!!!!


Aaminin ko, ako ang reyna ng mga OUT OF PLACE that day. hahaha. Lahat me dala-dalang friends/ barkada/ ka-work/ family/ 1st degree cousins/ lola sa tuhod etc. Parang gusto ko na ngang bumak-out eh pero binulong ko nalang sa sarili ko, “MARIAH KERI ko to”.

The workshop started with Sir Jason Magbanua…


He started his lecture with an ego boosting avp of himself in the humblest way possible. I wish my friends would also do the same for me. hehe.



sharing 10 tips


In action!


Peel na peel! Aylavet!


After his lecture. Nako riot na! I’ve been with crowds na best in papicture with big named people. Pero pag puro photographer pala kasama mo naku mas riot! Best in bungguan ang mga camera at lens! Buti nalang, aheeeeeem! Sir Jason knew me. Close kami! hahaha. First name basis nga kami eh! At, take note! Siya pa nagpapicture sakin! Hahahaha. Siyempre chos ko nlng yun. Dati ko na kasi siyang ntweet na sana we could have a picture together, and he remembered me naman kaya di na ako nageffort makigulo sa knya. So, eto ang pic namin! :)


Nagpapic narin ako with sir Mark Floro, since naanticipate ko na na wala ng chance later in life.


Medyo tinamad na ako magphoto after. Best in listening nalang ako lalo na nung ke Sir Mark kasi same as him, I love taking pics with natural lights. Di kami maxadong friends ng flash photography. He even had models just to demo the different effects of lights on different angles.


We finished early. Right before we end, may nagbigay sakin nito. I have a stalker! Choz! Touched ako actually, prinint pa. Sigh. :)


Sa kasamaang palad, di na ako nanalo sa raffle. Give chance to others na daw muna. So ayun, masaya nako sa printer. We had a lot of group pics. I just don’t know where I could copy it.

So there goes my canon day! Toodles!





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