Cyberspace and friends and brawls. [04.2013]

It sometimes amazes me how people easily disclose information online. I mean, I know I do at times. But, as I read a lot of too personal posts, I also think and wonder how people may react to mine.

Yes cyberspace has served as a venue for airing and expressing everything. It has transformed into an online diary and a bag full of emotions and exposed secrets. You’ll see happiness, despair, hope, grief, success, anger, and many more. But as they say, although we are free to post anything we like, we still have to be responsible of whatever we post since everyone can read and repost and quote you. That’s why I strongly support GMA7’s campaign of “Think before you click”.

And the effect of our freedom of expression, is, although some may not admit, bullying and hurting other people. Even our little comments could mean a lot to a person. I am speaking of my own experience because, I admit, I do have the tendency to be too critical of others, especially public figures. I also make fun of them sometimes and although there’s a sort of enjoyment on my part, at the end of the day, I realize, what if it’s the other way around? Am I hurting other people?

I have been inactive at facebook for the past months because I sometimes think I’m reading “TMI”. And what I don’t enjoy reading are online arguments of friends or different parties. I think it’s kind of immature to fight/ argue online where a lot of people can see your issues which are meant to be yours and yours alone.

When you’re mad, you need to vent. We can use our online sites to breathe out frustrations, it helps, but also, there’s a limit. If you’re at war with someone, hate posts might make you feel better. But does that make you a better and mature person? Better, maybe. Mature? Definitely not. You hate him/her, you tell it to his/her face, not on facebook or twitter or IG or anywhere. He/she did something wrong to you, hurt you, betray you? Give it time and when everyone’s ready, talk it out, confront instead of broadcasting it online. Because we’re human, and we make mistakes. It’s not an excuse, but we can’t always be judged by our mistakes. And we can’t be judged by how other people refer to you on their personal posts.

We also get too involved with others issues at times, especially when the people involved are our friends. And as a friend, we have to fight for our friend right? We have to be behind them; Support, comfort and give them relief. But, we also have to be fair, think critically and pacify. Especially, when we’re in the middle of two friends fighting. We don’t have to choose sides, but we don’t have to make things worse either. Like putting more fuel into an already huge fire. You are in a better position to see and understand each side, and not to cross the line to the extent that it’s like you’ve switched places with the aggrieved party. And with the intention of doing the right thing, you’re only making things more complicated, and the whole world knows about it.

I am writing this now, because I’ve been in a similar situation, and I am seeing same things happening to other people, personally and online. I just wish we reflect on the things we post, and stop being so tactless and closed minded about it. We maybe scarred, but our scars won’t heal by scarring others in return. And our words, are very powerful, that once said, can never be taken back. Let’s all be responsible, and also sensitive. And let’s put this new found freedom in cyberspace to good use.



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