My 2 cents: Career vs. Lovelife [02.2012]

If you are in a position to choose between love/ having a good relationship with your husband versus a career that you’ve been working so hard for a couple of years, what would you choose?

One person I know, is currently in this position and she chose her husband. I may not know the whole story, or the very reason which led her to this decision, but being in a similar case as her, I would have handled it in a different way.

I often see people in a dilemma between choosing love and career. The most frequent answer I give them is: Why should it even be a choice? Love is far more different from a career and I believe it falls under a different category. Of course, I would always prioritize my other half/ family, but it is also unfair to be asked to choose when these two factors should have been complementing rather than competing.

Love, should not stop you from bringing out the best in you. It should not stop you from doing things you should; it should not let you choose between something which is good for your personal and professional growth. Bottom line is, Love should not be selfish.

Career is something you built because you are knowledgeable, you are efficient, you are competent. All the years of study and sleepless nights led you to deserve this career path you chose. This gives you your own identity. Being known for something you did, for your contributions, for being YOU.

And love, it should boost your career, not pull you down.
It should inspire you, not discourage.
It should support you in your decisions.
It should be proud of what you achieved.
It should encourage, and not stop you from going further.

So, for the reason that your loved is asking time for you to spend with him alone and leave a career you’ve established, and then after a few months will leave you since he’s working overseas and then leave you alone and unemployed, do you think that is fair for you?


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