UpDharmaDown fangirl moment [25.6.2011]

Gaga over Up Dharma Down

I was devastated last Friday night (July 24) cause I was on duty and I wasn’t able to watch Up Dharma Down perform.

The next morning after my duty, since it was my off, I went to the dentist with my ading for our adjustment and then bought some to-go food @ Hotel Roma for lunch.

While waiting for our order, I saw a girl about to go out and since I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I stared and whispered to myself.. “parang si @armimillare yun ah”. Then I asked my ading si Armi yun di ba!? Sabe nya: “Kanina pa kaya sya dun kala ko nakita mo”

Then, I immediately took out my phone which was dead and borrowed his phone and begged him to take our picture but he refused. So I ran outside instead and got the chance to talk to my idol.

Me: *huge smile* Hi armi! fan mko. Can I take a pic with you?
Armi: *shy* Hallah, di ako ready! hahaha. Di pa ako nakaayos
Me: *onga naman, kakabreakfast lang ng tao ginugulo ko na mgpapicture*
Armi: Later nalang ok lang. We’ll play again tonight.
Me: Okaaay. *super saya*

Then I went back inside the resto super happy and cold. OMG i had a close encounter with my idol. Napaka fan-girl lang! Then when I went home, I immediately tweeted her and immediately got a reply:

I was hyper! So I rushed to bed to sleep so I can be energized that night. And then the time has come! Before showtime, I was literally waiting outside their van. As in. Fangirl talaga pero bakit ba!! And then, it’s time to perform!


Sorry di kami gaanong prepared. :)

Ako naman ang hindi. hehe. Ansaya ko lang nkalimutan kong dumilat.

Awwwww @armimillare. <3333


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