Welcoming Summer 03.03.2011

Our place Tuguegarao is known for having the extreme temperature ever. When it’s November-February we can have the coldest weather (nearing Baguio) BUT during summer, we consistently have the HOTTEST temp and I hate it. But, what’s good about it is, we get to enjoy the different pools and resorts around.

So since March marks the 1st day of summer, we decided to go for a dip @ Ivory Lodge, Buntun just near work and our boarding house.

When we arrived, daaaaang it was cold. It feels like it’s not summer at all. But what the hell, we still went for it anyway.

Thank god for TIMER!
Time for the solos ladies!
ok, me first!
Having fun! :)
Hindi pwedeng hindi ako magmomoment
Short but fun. Looking forward to another adventure with you guys. Hopefull sabay-sabay ang off nating lahat! Till next time!

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