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Waley Wednesday

I know I have my lamyerda diaries and all but when I’m not scheduled to be out and about exploring the world (naks jetsetter) I am an actual living homebuddy. I love the outdoors don’t get me wrong, but also, there’s something so appealing to me in just lying in bed, watching movies, eating, not having to move much and make an effort to not look weird around people. 

So that was me the past weeks, or months maybe. I was always struggling to get myself out of the house just for the mere reason of going around town. But, finally today, haaaa! I managed to beat my ass out the bed to enjoy the sun, and my ultimate motivation? This.  Cheese& Bacon Chicken Royale + Chips + Large Cola + Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Unlike back home, we don’t have a large variety of orgasmic restaurants (orgasmic talaga teh?) so BK would suffice plus, I am so hungry I want my food ready as soon as I order it. 😁

Aside from devouring this meal, I also enjoyed my favorite spot in this resto which is..  

this spot makes my eyes so busy, I just love looking at people while eating. Those mere seconds they pass by allows me to read them (wow!) and their personalities and body language and all the chenezes in this world. Yeah, I know. Me already hahaha

Aside from eating, one of the things I would do on a day like this is shopping, for books that is. I love going to charity shops, where I buy 5books for a pound. Unfortunately, there were none I was interested of so I ended up looking through the hangers and since it’s already spring, thought I might need to see what I could add up to my wardrobe apt to the weather.

Ps. I am a very very very good thrifter (lol is that even a word?) or should I say thrift store shopper? Che, basta magaling akong mag ukay2. And hello, UKay in UK is so.. something! (Naubusan na ng english) Hahaha! And yeah, I found some summer ready clothes to spare

As they always say, Spring has sprung! So, I found myself attracted to flowery prints    

   Okay di to flowery but Basta! Hahaha  Also lucky to find some denim 

   I also found this nice dress which I thought: “Mukhang bonggels ito pag gora ko sa Paris” but, apparently not when I wore it. Fail.  

   Then I also saw a light coat but the fit was horrible on me so fail ulet


All in all, I got 8 items and just spent under 20 quid! Bonggels! Tipid pa more! 

Since duvet season just bid goodbye, i also thought of buying new sheets and a lighter blanket 

Gray + yellow = 😍


And as for my book of the month challenge, I decided to end my romance/mushy love stories and start with a more exciting plot which I thought I could get with the twisted writing of Gillian Flyn. I read and watched her Gone Girl and I just thought it was brilliant. 

My April and May pick

And finally, ending my day (almost) and cooked some Cordon Bleu (which I hope isn’t too bad)  


So far so good! Back to work again tomorrow, and so far this day has been lovely! Catch y’all later! 

– A.




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