Super Early Bird

Akala ko sa Pilipinas lang uso ang late, anyareh?  

   Paselfie na nga!  Nananawagan ang kilay ko, paki ayos please!


Moments later…  

 I passed by my first ever home here in UK and brought back lots of memories. Isang taon at mahigit na pala. 2014 went by that fast and in a span of a year, major major I mean problems (venus raj tone) and blessings left, arrived and some stayed. It was nice to see this though, looks like a living reminder of how it all began. And how I’ve grown and changed (Wish ko sana vertically, kaso pahalang! Mas lalong jumubiz!). Sigh. I wish I could tell you all about it now, pero tinatamad ako, lol. Oh sya, babu! 


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