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It’s every little girls dream to travel the world. It’s probably topping every ones bucket list. And of course, the coveted “Euro-trip” would definitely be one of the heavy contenders for the number 1 spot, considering the very rich history, culture, cuisine, people and stories you get to experience along the way.

But of course, as appealing as it sounds, there are still a ton of things to consider while planning for a Euro trip, one of which is obtaining a visa.

Schengen, as Wikipedia states is an area consist of European countries that abolished their passport and any types of border control to function as a single country for international travel purposes with a common visa policy. The following countries include:  schengen-visa-mapIn other words, having this type of visa gives you access to all the countries mentioned above meaning: BONGGELS! Downside for us with a Philippine passport is, WALANG FOREVER! This visa is only good for a couple months, or if lucky enough a couple of years and eventually needs to be renewed as opposed to other EU/UK Passport holders who can just go in an out of the border whenever they feel like it. On a brighter note, there’s lesser lines whenever you go through immigration which spares extra time!

 It’s probably the same process when you apply from any other parts of the world. You just need to download the application forms, provide original copies of your Passport, employment certificate, bank statements, pay slip, travel itinerary and proof of bookings.

There is a separate branch that handles visa processing for a number of countries which is VFS (where we applied for our UK visa back home) or, you can also apply at the actual embassy of the country you’re going to. As for my first schengen visa application going to Italy, we did the application at VFS where I was granted 3months and I very much abused itfor my birthday trip (para sulit ang fee) to Italy last January till first week of February and my trip to the Netherlands in March. This time, since we’re going to 3 different countries at one go, what they recommend is to either apply at VFS or, apply at the actual embassy to where your gonna spend most of your holiday which was France. This was also used to our advantage as they say they were giving longer validity of visa which we were hoping to maximise as our funds allow.

   It was the perfect weather out in London, with the Cherry Blossoms greeting us along the way   

         Squeezing into my day is my lovely little name project

Avon pa more! Lol

 Going back to the visa— appointment is booked online and of course make 100% sure that your files are complete and take note, your ID must strictly conform to their standards, or maybe may issue lang si ate sa bangs ko that day cause she asked for another pic (sakit sa bangs cause ID pictures cost 5 quid) cause apparently, she can’t see my brows. K!

The actual visa costs more or less £40 but there are other fees and we wanted our passports to be delivered at home so all in all we paid about £75 or for more sigurista moments, just bring with you a hundred quid, just a bit more extra in case they didn’t like your id picture as well. Hehehe

It was actually a really long queue that day leaving us starving to death so we decided to eat at Bubba Gump whose concept was taken from the movie Forest Gump. Run forest, ruuuuun!

 the interior’s really nice and cozy and if youre a big fan of the movie, Im sure you would relate to every decor you see


 I honestly didn’t have the time to memorize the menu but from the name itself, most of the food are shrimp/ seafood; they also have some ribs and a wide variety of drinks – smoothies, juices and cocktails. Prices I would say would roughly be around £10-24 per meal (not bad) and food’s actually quite good.


Fin. X


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