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BOTD: Black Butterfly by R.M. Drake

Intrigued by the amazingly beautiful poetry posts I always see with “RMD or RMDrake” insigna, I just had to search who this writer is, which I eventually found on instagram, Mr. Robert M. Drake.  

 It’s nice to grace my every day reading his takes about life, love, heartbreak, failure and of course, I became an instant fan. 

And as a fan, I’m so happy to finally get my hands on his latest project!  

   I literally just received the book which I bought at Amazon for about 13 quid (shipping included) and as much as I want to finish reading it all in one go, I had to stop myself and save some more sighs and awwwws for the next days to come. I do intend to read one piece a day and try to savour every line, internalize and maybe have a good cry after each.

He has 3 other books (which I plan to get soon) unless, someone wants to give it as a gift, I’ll gladly accept it. ;) 



Ok. I got a bit carried away. But I’ll stop now.   


Promise, it’s such a good read! I had trouble trying to stop. 


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