Party @ Nether Priors

My Lamyerda saga continues.. But before I get there, here’s whats happened before yet another journey. 

May 17. Just a small birthday party for our dear Ian and Angelo at Nether Priors.  

     It was also my first time to play Beer Pong! I surprisingly did good and won my first game.. And eventually sucked so bad which made my gut almost bleed of alcohol. Choz! It was a fun game though, unless you’re the OC type cause there’s a degree of grossness into it (or maybe it was just how we played the game, but so what we were cleansing ourselves with alcohol anyway lol)

With my lovely beckys!   

With the birthday boy and Kim.  


with some Spanish chicas who totally digs the Duck face look




And the birthday Boys + Half a Boy  


And the group selfie would never end. Parang ako me birthday? 



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