Your password is incorrect…

Having the worst day (partial chos) as I forgot all my password to my email accounts,  including the email where they’re supposed to send the codes to when you forget your primary email.

Lessons Learned:

1. Do not over complicate your passwords.
— I know I am having a hard time now because I’m quite sure my password was an actual sentence with some uppercase and some numbers which I was pretty proud of before because Yahoo considered it as an excellent one. It was that good that even I couldn’t log in to my own email now

2. Write it down
— Some say it’s not safe but yeah, it is a big big help in this type of scenario. I am sure I’ve written it down in a diary or so, but I think I forgot it back home in the Philippines buried to some vault or box or I don’t freakin remember as well.

3. Avoid auto-remember passwords
— I just didn’t make any effort to remember anything at all anymore thinking it was all saved.

4. Memory Enhancers?
— Main problem is ME. How could I forget these? Oh the signs of rapid aging. pffff

Now I am just waiting for an email from Yahoo to help me recover my account/s.


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