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Top of the World..almost!


Finally had the time and energy to make chism of our adventures again so here’s the second leg of my 11-day lamyerda diaries. Say hello to Switzerland!

The beauty of these eurotrips are these countries are literally just neighbors, most of the time just divided by borders wherein you can travel by land, train and plane (which we chose) and only takes an hour flight or so to get there.

We landed in Geneva Airport, which was a bit disappointing not because of the place or people but because there was no Immigration border to stamp our passports. As we exit, we were like “Yun na yon?!” not truly believing that was really it. Hmmmm. Waley! No stamp for Geneva I guess :(
IMG_2076We were to spend one night in Geneva, then travel to Zermatt the next day, which was about four hours away. While planning this trip, we were already looking up train tickets which was quite expensive, so we thought maybe when we get there it will be much much cheaper. Much to our dismay, those online prices were true! Shengeneh ang mahaaaaaaaaal!
FullSizeRenderYes, 200CHF EACH for the return ticket! Since we’re already there, we literally just had to close our eyes and go through with the plan. And with that being said, we had to budget our other expenses i.e food so upon leaving the airport, we chose to just eat at McDonalds thinking it would be much cheaper but still, it was a bit expensive for our taste. The price range of meals usually start at CHF12.00 which was equivalent to £8 whereas if we get it back home, we can already buy a good deal starting at £4. And, they even charge for ketchup.

And because we are on “Tipid pa More” mode, we had to walk from the Airport station to another station getting to our accomodation.
IMG_2078By the station where were headed is also where Geneva’s famous fountain is– Say hello to the Jet d’Eau – one the largest fountains in the world. Good thing I already took a picture (despite the poor quality) of it because for some reason, thoughout the rest of our stay in Geneve, it didn’t seem to be working.
IMG_2079Our hotel, Geneva Residences, was literally at the end of Geneva and by the border to France. Yeeeep!
IMG_2081 IMG_20802 countries at once! Very Mandy Moore! or very Departures ang peg!
IMG_2158The following day.. Geneva to Visse then Visse to Zermatt. Almost 4 hours train ride to the Swiss Alps. We had to keep ourself busy.

IMG_4166Winter is coming!
IMG_4172And we were greeted by John Snow!

I have to admit, despite my travel light/ packing/ girl scout talent, I didn’t come prepared for this one. I failed to bring any winter clothes and merely relied on layers after layers. Good thing my tights were thermal, and though my trusty ballet flats weren’t made for snow, they were 110% comfy.

Snowfightttttttt! We’ve seen some snow back home in England, but it wasn’t as settled and as thick as this one here so we just had to enjoy it!
IMG_4244 IMG_4274It was a long uphill walk to the Zermatt Youth Hostel and on our way the snowfall stopped and more sunshine came in. It was also an amazing feel, knowing you’re surrounded by snow but not to the point where you freeze to death.

After getting our things settled, we just spent our extra time exploring this beautiful desktop background worthy place that is Zermatt.

IMG_4437 IMG_4453IMG_4470 IMG_4471 I’m just so happy I met these equally crazy and adventurous people. Don’t mind going anywhere with this bunch.
IMG_4498 IMG_4501Next day, we went 3,883 metres high as we rode Europe’s highest aerial cableway and summit station going to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. It was HEAVEN! Or at least close to heaven, with the view of 38 Alpine giants and fluffy clouds all over! And yes, I was in one of ’em Toblerone logos!
IMG_4951 IMG_4953

In all fairness, it was really cold but my jacket and thermal leggings did suffice. My only issue was it was really thin air. Now I get why these mountain climbers train hard just to get to these types of summit because you really have to be physically, and mentally prepared for these types of trail. An oxygen bar would come in handy but I’m not in a position to be picky as well. Hey, I’m in the Alps, one of the highest peaks in the world and not everyone get’s to have this experience so I just have to suck it in!

After episodes of countless nausea and gasping for more oxygen, I just had to take all this beauty in! Worth it, totally worth it!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR3777.The sun is just so bright there given the height we were in so never forget to bring some sunnies when you visit




DCIM100GOPROGOPR3811.I wouldn’t miss doing the snow angel!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR3826.Given our financial situation and the cost of transportation, (in short: PURITA na) we chose to omit skiing/ snowboarding but we’re lucky they had free snow doughnut tubs to avail
IMG_4833 IMG_4836 IMG_4862 IMG_4864
As I said, air was really thin so every after a few minutes outside, we get really exhausted and then run inside the only restaurant there, have a few minutes to rest, catch our breath and then out and about again. That cycle went on for more than an hour or so but still… FUUUUUUN

DCIM100GOPROGOPR3823.They also have the Glacier Paradise which had ice sculptures inside an actual glacier which you could visit for 4CHF which I did try but air was too thin I had to crawl back out and run to the resto and just wait for the guys and catch the next cable car back to the city then train back to Geneva.

And hey, to summarize this AMAZEBALLS trip, here’s a short compilation. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Daryl Perilla
Video credits: Angelo Ramos


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