Unloading some baggages

Around the same month last year, I drifted off my usual circle and chose to isolate myself due to issues I can’t fully disclose. In short, tinatamad mag kwento haha. So what’s the gist of this entry? Wala, walang learning dito, charaught! Okay going back. Yeah, so I drifted off from them- personal issues- and the thing is, I’ve never really talked to anyone about it… Until last night. :)

It was a random tambay moment at a friends house. We’ve been talking about loads of things (mostly sexual innuendos, which I believe made it more interesting hahaha) then out of the blue, we started talking about people and events that happened last year and of course, issues I was involved in was brought up. For the first time, I talked about it (not all of it but still…), about my side of the story and to my surprise, it didn’t hurt as bad anymore; It stung a bit but by merely opening about it no longer made me cry; and it was then I realized, I’ve been carrying this baggage for so long, it felt liberating letting go of it and you know what? It felt better. It’s like I’ve discovered a new potent drug that would heal me much better than the previous one I’ve been taking. It felt so..light! Not the “sabog” kind of light though hahaha just so light I could soar more than my usual flight route. 

Ending the night, we all thought the same – it’s all in the past now, and people will forget, heal and eventually move on. It’s nice to know that #1. No matter how cruel the world may be, whatever terrible thing happened yesterday, there is always that “tomorrow” you can look forward to giving you the chance to learn, start over and #2. We have to let go of whatever it is, was weighing us down. Good finds: people who are there. These people were not whom I considered my “close friends” then, yet, althroughout this “ganap”, I felt their support more than anyone else. 



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