Blabbermouth, Mema


Three straight days then one day off then three straight nights then went straight post shift to meet a friend from California, toured him around London for 2 days (imagine: walkathon in the day + pub hopping in the night) then back home the next day to prepare and decorate by day then baby shower + after party by night; then 430am call time to catch a flight to Prague— 3days in Czech, 2 days in Austria (imagine the walkathon I did again). Then, before going back home I encountered 2 suspicious security checks (coats and back left at the holdong area), delayed flights, long (and I really mean long) queues at the Gatwick Immigration (they’ve gone much stricter because of the threats, I guess); this caused us to miss the trains going back to Essex so we had to find alternative routes cause heyyyy I have work in the next couple of hours. 

0230H. Finally got home and needing some rest and sleep. Woke up at 0645 to get ready at work. Went to work, ward busy as usual but doubled as we’re short staffed and I’m in charge. Oh, did I forget to mention, I’m gonna do 4 straight long shifts till Monday as well? Ha! 2 out of 4 now and my body’s giving up on me.



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