Welcome to UK, Justin!

It’s not everyday that you would get the chance to meet an old friend again so when we heard that one of Gelo’s college classmates was going to visit, we made sure to give him the warmest welcome (despite the branded “typical English weather”).

It was my first time to meet him and I’m pretty sure we blended well enough cause were from the similar “berdeng bloodline” (wink, wink sabay kembot).

We met at Hotel Strand around 1400H, which is roughly 5-10 minutes walk from the iconic places in London. From there on, we started our mini tour with a cruise around Thames (despite the normal pouring, which we kept on saying happens most of the time) and where I gave them time to catch up and enjoy the view as it was also my first time to try the cruise. I pre-booked for the London Eye+River Cruise package which costs £28.80 per person which is a better deal than buying individual tickets for each attraction. If you visit their site ( they have other deals that would better suit your taste especially if you have little kiddos. (Oh di ba!? Nagpromote!?)

Since there was still daylight when we finished with the cruise, we decided to stroll around before going for the Eye. We went to Westminster Abbey, walked till we reached St. James Park then of course, the famous Buckingham Palace.





It was a good decision to go sightseeing first and wait till it got dark cause we had spectacular views while we were up the Eye. I would highly recommend night rides to enjoy these city lights.


Of course, we also had to show him everyone’s favorite spot



After the walkathon, we headed back to his hotel to freshen up since our next agenda is dinner @ Jamie Oliver’s (Covent Garden) and the most looked forward to- SOHO! #booking #alamna

Day 2!

We started early at the famous 9 3/4 quarters and we were lucky cause the was no queue! So, grab the opportunity!


We asked Justin if he had any specific places he wanted to see and one on his list was Borough Market – perfect timing cause we were already starving! While we were there, we also had the chance to make him experience an authentic full english breakfast + ireland’s clonakilty black pudding. (Sorry, no pictures taken, we obviously prioritised getting our tummies full).

Next on his list was Tate Modern. Oh, Art! <3


We didn’t bother entering the other galleries (kasi may pa-entrance hahaha) so we went straight to our next appointment. Here’s the millenium bridge exiting at St. Paul’s.


Above anything else, never forget…


Another ticket I had to book was for the Sky Garden. It was free this time but they only have limited number of people going in so good thing there slots available for this certain day. And–the sun came out! Wohoooo!


Last stop– the famous Tower Bridge which is often mistaken as the London Bridge.


We ended the day with 3 bottles of wine at this nice bar called the Alchemist found at Aldgate. Bid our goodbyes, and made our draft plan for our next adventure next year!


‘Twas really nice to meet a new friend and thank you for 2 wonderful days Justin! See you again SOON! :)

PS. Thank you for getting this and bringin it to UK Justin! I superrrr loooove them! Brought me back to my ballerina days


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