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Isang malaking CZECH!

Dati, naririnig ko lang to sa mga baklaan namin. Pag agree sa mga jobi (sabe) ng mga ate, sabay-sabay sisigaw ng Czech Republic!!!! Whooo!

Kidding aside (naaaks, may pa-aside), never kong naimagine na mararating ko ang magical bekimese word na ito pero since andito narin naman ako, grab the opportunity na ito teh, bago pa mag expire ang Schengen visa.

Hello, Prague! Medyo na-hopya ako ng Autumn in Prague pero di ko nareceive yung memo na napa-aga pala ang dating ng winter sonata so di ko na na-sight yung mga paandar ng scattered leaves. The place was lovely anyway. :)_DSC1587

We landed around noon so may time pa to scrung lala around before we checked in. From the airport, the only mode of transpo going to the city centre is either mag taxi which is Mahalya Fuentes (expensive) or take the bus which is very cheapangga. Chu-chu train parin ang main mode of transpo and unlike before, di na kami nag-getsung ng mga 2 or 3 day pass since we were informed na magkakalapit lang ang mga ganap so no need to buy.

The thing about arriving there early is the Bagelyas. Most of the trips we’ve had mega arrive kami dun ng early thinking sayang ang time so ayun, pagdating sa area, ikot around with the trolley while waiting for the usual 1400H check-in which is a bit of a hassle at majingay ang gulong sa daan. Travel lite pa kame sa lagay na yan (All travels, 1 small trolley and 1small bag lang and the most days we’ve fitted in there was 11 days, pak,ganern!)



One of the Czechs local delicacy-



We stayed at Residence Bologna, which is very very near the city centre. The hotel is not as modern as most would prefer pero kebs na since winner ang location and the price. We also were a bit spoilt since they gave us a room which should be for 4-6 people + balcony so pak na pak talaga. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, pero promise totoo lahat ng sinabi ko kahit wala akong ebidensya.

After we’ve settled in, and had a bit of rest, we tried to look for some lafangga areas. In our past trips, we usually use Google and TripAdvisor for food recommendations- then we discovered Yelp (free app!) which is much to our liking since it is easier to use and gives clearer and better reviews and directions to the area you want to get to.

Thanks to Yelp, we found this resto called Prazky most u Valsu which is just 3-5mins walk from the hotel.

We ordered some soup (since it was just a degree + snowing) and one specialty of theirs which was called Pork Knuckle. Naloka kame day, we just literally imagined a knuckle but when they served it, nako buong pata pala! Unfortunately, they don’t serve any rice (sayaaaang!) nevertheless, food coma it is! They also gave us varieties of their breads and with the amount of food they serve, we had enough left for a takeaway. And the catch- it’s cheap! We just spent 20 quid for everything! From then on, confirmed! Totoo pala ang chika na mura lang dito sa Praha!



It was already twilight when we finished so we took this time to discover the city. There were actually fewer tourists than we expected (post Paris attack) which we took to our advantage since it wasn’t as crowded as usual.


By the Bridge of Charles_DSC1652

See! Not crowded @ Charles Bridge!
Prague Castle
Old Castle Stairs


St. Vitus Cathedral_DSC1713
One arti pose, thanks to our trust mini tripod


Post 2-3 hours straight of walkathon, photoshoot and nginigan festival (di ba nga isang centigrado lang yung temperatura) we needed to fill up our tanks and thanks again to yelp, we found Rugantino.

It’s a more modern resto compared to the Celtic-ish one we went to earlier but it didn’t disappoint! Food was good, very tasty and the ambiance was really nice. I do apologize, na loss nanaman ang lola niyo and I forgot to take more pictures. For our order of 16oz. stake, sea food risotto (I again, forgot the name), foie gras, drinks and for this posh ambiance, total bill was only £30!!! Mura, tehhhhhh!


Day 02!

Day view naman na ang mga ganap this time

At the French Embassy_DSC1901

John Lennon Wall

Back to Charles Bridge
May pa-Helicopter sila oh_DSC1953_DSC1969

On our third day, um-aura lang ulit at the city centre then gora sa Train station en-route to Austria!

Here’s a pa-video kuno of my lamyerda. Sorry, back to being a rusty editor- nangalawang na ang skills! Nevertheless, enjoy!


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