Midnight Thoughts

• I’m gonna go back to school soon! Yey! I am already anticipating the stress (essays, paperwork and presentations) + travel (since my study days will be at Cambridge) but just the thought of being a part-time student again gives me jitters. I seriously cannot wait! Orientation starts on the 26th 😁😁😁

• Ever since I moved to UK, I made it a point that I treat myself on my special day. Last year, I decided to do my ultimate thank you so I visited Rome, Milan and of course, Vatican – where I got to see the Pope, attend his mass and listened as he led the angelus. This year (which is in 3weeks. Gosh! I’m so kiliiiig) me and my friends are going to Iceland!!! I’ve booked and arranged everything and I get butterflies whenever I think of it. I am hoping and praying we’ll get to witness the Borealis (fingers and toes crossed) and I am excited to dive in snow again. 

• I’m not getting any younger and now I’m starting to really see how crucial it is to prepare for the future. As Tito Joey De Leon said-T (trabaho) I (ipon) T (travel) E (enjoy) — so I say, TITE pa more! 

• I’ll write more often. Here. I’ll stray away a little from my trusty little notebook and share more here. I like re-reading my old posts it makes me nostalgic and see how much I’ve grown all these years. 

• I’ve always wanted a Black room. Black walls (extreme but yes, I’m crazy with black), black bed, wardrobe (I bought a white one but painted it black), chest, tables, curtain, sheets. My mama wouldn’t let me do it back home cause we’re chinese and they say it’s bad luck (malas sa feng shui!) but I’ve managed to do it here. They still wouldn’t allow me to paint the walls though, but at least, I’ve got the rest as dark as it could get.

 But, lately I had to let go of that obsession to make way for change. Instead of spending on signature labels this christmas/boxing day (goodbye Bicester), I went on an Ikea-shopping spree. I still bargained to keep small details black though, from 80% now down to 20% blackness. I literally had to kiss my furniture goodbye and welcomed more “whiteness” in my life. Change is good. 😁👍🏼

Wow. I got carried away with too many thoughts! It was nice sharing though. Till next time, ta! 


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