Sick and Homesick 

As I may have shared last year, I’ve been sick and the sick bug hasn’t left my body till now. I’ve been coughing my lungs out for more than a week now, making me more exhausted especially after work. I miss my mama 😢. I will always miss those moments when I’m sick and she’s there taking care of me. 

~It used to piss me whenever she’s nagging me to take my medicines or wake me up in wee hours just so I don’t miss having them. Now, all I can do is miss it. All I have is either my beau or my alarm to remind me it’s time but still, my mom does it differently, does it best. 

~I miss being spoilt and lazy with her trying to do everything for me to the point of wanting to give me wash. I always had meals in bed, she’d buy me more Coke to keep me energized and I yearn for the night rubs with Vicks. She never sleeps whenever I’m sick and she’s literally watching me 24/7.

~I miss being reminded to rest. And if I don’t listen, being demanded to do so till I can’t do anything but to listen, especially if she’s already applied her authoritative “professor” voice. She’ll be the one to call in sick for me and ever ready to write a sick note or whatever letter I need to give to my superiors.

~ I miss the warmth of her embrace at night whenever she thinks I’m asleep and the way she says “nakkung” while in deep worry of my state. I feel so safe, and protected and babied.  

Times like these, I wish I had my mama by my side. This is truly one of the downsides of being away and there is no other care compared to a mother’s love. 


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