I’ve been listening to their music back in the day and so far, they’ve impressed my taste. But it wasn’t till recently that I’ve noticed I was starting to fan girl over them which was mostly influenced by Gelo (who is a massive fan,btw) and the hotness that is Brendon Urie. So when I saw they had a gig here in London, I thought, why not surprise the beau and of course, take this opportunity to enjoy Papa Brendon as well(landi teh!).

The event was at O2 Brixton and it was also my first time to set foot into the place. It was supposed to start 1930 but we decided to go there early cause I was aiming the front bit to have a selfie moment with B. Much to our dismay, there was already a long queue when we got there so all hopes went away as we stayed in line for 2.5 hours as the strong london wind blew us away.

Tip: When going to O2 events, make sure to bring an O2 sim, or better if you’re an O2 subscriber cause you get a privilege to be prioritised on queues.

We got in around quarter to 8 and since it was my first time in, I was impressed with the sloping floor perfectly fit for these types of standing concert events and for small girls like me which gave me a chance to actually see the stage with lesser neck stretching.

Around quarter past, front act started. Charley Marley warmed the crowd up with his catchy rock-ish, pop-ish, reggae-ish music. It was fun though, and very danceable I took some time to shake some of my bits.

It wasn’t till 2100 till they came out but obviously, they’re worth the long wait.  

It was almost 2 hours of awesomeness I kept jumping and clapping and yelling and popping some lozenges at the same time (I was still coughing this time). It was a bit disturbing though how most of my view consisted of mobile phones all throughout the show I wonder if these people truly enjoyed it. Or maybe they just wanted something to watch when this moment ends. Anyway, my favorite part was when Brendon did his cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. He made Freddie Mercury proud. I was so proud of my baby, charrrr!   

As the show came to an end, I decided to take some snaps for my blog. It was truly amazing as hell! One of the bands who sound better live than their recorded ones.

Till our next concert, taaaaa!

PS. Here’s the complete setlist!


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