Aca-ntahan, Blabbermouth

Sleep, not!

I knew they were performing in London, and I knew I wanted to go but what was stopping me was pure laziness.

Saturday morning, (I was off) after my night shift, Gelo was already starting to ask if we were still going. We checked the website and since there were still tickets available, I kept postponing and told him if we’ll by the next day. I’ve been mostly leaving it to chance. Night of that, we had a random Saturday shindig where I got hammered really really bad and was hung over I thought I wouldn’t make it through my night shift. I did finish the shift though but with my state, I was 90% sure I didn’t want to go anymore.

While I was getting prepped to sleep, I saw this ad.

Suddenly, my heart fluttered at the sight and said hell YEAH! I wouldn’t want to miss this now, especially I’m just a heartbeat away. Charoz! I immediately went to StubHubGetMeIn and (reliable ticket sources for concerts,plays etc) to check and luckily, there were still some available. Out of impulsiveness, I bought one without even checking the type of tickets they sold- which was by delivery. After paying, I panicked cause I was afraid the ticket won’t make it to me in time. I thought I bought the e-tickets or pick-up ones but I guess I didn’t. After all of these I just decided to sleep it off (since I’m working again that night) and pray that RoyalMail won’t fail me tomorrow. If it doesn’t arrive, it means destiny is telling me not to go (meganon!!!?)

At work, I was giddy the whole 12.5hours and although I assigned a good amount of breaks, I wasn’t able to use it all up myself. After the shift, I rushed home to check the mailbox–nothing! (Duh!? It was just 8am and they don’t start delivering in our area till 9!). So I waited and waited till about half past 10, the bell chimed. Yazzzz, it is here!

It made me more excited I didn’t feel the need to sleep anymore. We decided to head out a bit early to eat our first and only meal for the day. I originally was craving Korean or Japanese food but, it was Shrimp Tuesdays at BigEasy. Who could even resist?

We arrived at the area around 7, which we intended to do since we didn’t really want a long queue. It was my first time at Alexandra Palace a.k.a Ally Pally and it was quite huge, and had a good overlooking view of London. They also had a skating rink open seven days a week. As you go inside you’ll see a big hall of vendors selling food and really big cups of beer and next to that was the main hall.

The Sixth were performing and man, I just missed going to these types of gigs. I imagined reviving the inner “rakista” in me. I’ve loved different types of music and suprisingly as some people say, I do appreciate what other consider as noise. I was also a bit nostalgic- tattoos, long hair, piercings, black outfit, headbanging, rebel-ish, mosh pit– that was me at a certain period of my life (high school till early years of college to be exact)It felt like I was back to my roots. Haaay, back to story na nga!

After the first act, Suicidal Tendencies performed next. They were good and they really did made full use of the stage. (Ang haharot!). After their last song, we went nearer the stage. It was honestly a struggle for me because first of all, I was short. Second: Brits are really tall. Third: I didn’t want to be squished so I can’t go in the front or middle but. I know how these type of concerts too well.

I was screaming! I can’t believe I am actually seeing them live! and oh, Corey’s voice was just phenomenal.  

I was literally head banging, jumping and letting loose! There was even an “almost fight” in front of us but,kebs. Hahahaha! Truly, this is one for the books! I kept on reminding myself after this that I am indeed making the right decision on spending moeny on experiences, on these types of amazing moments rather than material things.

PS. Special thanks to my chaperone. I know he’s not into these types of music, but he accompanied me anyway. Mwuah!



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