Thought Salad

It’s not past midnight but here I am overanalysing, overthinking things way ahead of the usual schedule. Whatever happened to my insomniac thoughts?

School + work is eating me, alive. I know I said I will be optimistic but sadly, the pressures and disappointments are dragging me into the drain. I know I want to do more, better even. But I’m slowly losing interest and quite honestly, things are starting to bore me out. And when I’m bored, I become lazy af. (Emphasis on the “af”). And when I’m lazy, my work is crap.

Other than work and school, external pressures are getting the best of me. I miss reading so bad. Though it normally calms me down, I just can’t shake these little ideas that keep creeping in and won’t stop until I do something about it. I know I sound weird (I am weird) but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Am I even making sense right now? No, I think not.

I’m blabbering nonsense. I think it’s time to end this. Buh-bye


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