Dear No One.

I promised myself that I would live my life to the fullest and experience things I have always wanted. Hence, the travelling. But other than that, I think my  friends, or people who know me could attest to my love for music. So this 2016, I promised myself that aside from exploring the world, I will also explore the other side of me – my love of harmony + poetry + expression.

I started out with Panic at the Disco, then Slipknot. I thought I had enough rock on my system so I decided to shift to a bit more relaxed, chill music. Then came Tori Kelly.

I adore song covers. I first saw her around 2009-10 ish. I just finished school, board exams and was unemployed. I don’t know about you guys, but I had this phase where I would eat, sleep, surf the internet then repeat. It was a constant cycle for about 1-2months which led me to AJ Rafael, Cathy Nguyen, Albert Posis, Kina Grannis and of course, Tori! Hahahahaha how uneventful. Nonetheless, I loved her the minute I heard her voice and had been one of her avid subscribers ever since. What I would even do was download the youtube video then convert it to mp3 just so I could listen through my phone, even when there’s no internet. Here’s one of favorites plus my ringtone for quite some time:

Also, during a horrible period in my life that is my break-up mixed with being in a foreign land, she (and AJ Rafael) sung one song from my breakup playlist

And another from my moving on playlist

So, just try to imagine my smile when I knew she was performing here! She had been a part of my ups and downs in life and love (sort of) and I owe her at least this. (Special mention to my love, cause he was the one who saw she was performing and bought the tickets! Woohooo)


We still had work that day so we were a tad late. I was expecting a lesser queue by the time we arrived but I.was.wrong.

I was thankful for the venue and the slopping floor. It didn’t really matter how far we were from the stage, as long as I can see and hear her.  
Her voice was even more amazing live.

1.5 hours of soul and pure talent. I wanted to listen to her all night I was too hungover. Anyway, I’ll get my hands on the setlist and I’ll post it here soon, along with some of my clips from the concert.

Till my next music adventure, Ta!!!



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