Early irks

I am a bit irked from reading an online article from The Sun earlier involving patients, Basildon Hospital, NHS and migrants. 

1. Yes accidents happen everywhere. In this certain incident (basing from the article) there was a glitch since the ambulance was more than 6 hours late. But the thing is, in that span of time, what have you done? Okay, you’ve rung the ambulance more than ten times, I’ll give that to you. And then what? It was mentioned that she (the patient) was on the floor with a broken hip and soaked in urine. What have you done to help her with that? 

2. She was brought to A&E – where the same protocol applies to her and the rest of the people in Essex they are catering to. All patients are being triaged/prioritised depending on the case and condition and thinking that it could be a Neck Of Femur fracture, she would have undergone a certain pathway. Yes, there maybe delays as I know for a fact that the hospital is always short staffed but it wouldn’t come to a point where a patient is neglected.

3. This line struck me “forced to care”. I mean if you’re a family member, it wouldn’t require any force to care for the people you love/related to. You’re not supposed to count or equate everything you’ve done cause duh, it’s family! It’s a responsibility to take care of them, period. The healthcare providers are there to help, but are not slaves or maids to do everything for you especially if you’re there, well and good enough to offer at least a helping hand cause you’re so concerned and basically, you’re family innit? Bear in mind, they have other patients to cater which may or may not have worse conditions, alone and may need more medical attention.

4. Found the patient in a puddle of urine? Okay that happens and who knows when it happens or happened? But as I mentioned, there are instances of delay but not to the point of neglect. A nurse on the present standard handles at least 6 patients and more. We can’t monitor and do everything as one wishes because again, we have to prioritise. But then again, we do all the things we can as fast and as soon as we can. 

5. Those annoying comments, ugh. Mostly blaming migrants leading to the system being unable to cope with the demands, having budget cuts and even exploiting the free resources for their personal benefit. I think it is unfair to generalise, especially a good part of the migrants they are referring to are tax payers and on top of that is the NHS Health Surchage they we have to pay. 

Coming from a third world country, I have witnessed and experienced how difficult it is to provide the best care for a patient because there are not enough staff, resources and more importantly, no money. Our healthcare system sucks, but you know what I appreciate? There are people who genuinely help and you learn the value of family. It is unfortunate that some people here do not appreciate the healthcare system, and the people who try their best to be of help. 


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