Of cocktails and whisky

I’ve never been a big fan of alcohol and I’d have to admit, up to now, I keep finding a reason to truly appreciate its taste. But, I do drink anyway, for the sole reason of having a good company and the authentic and uncensored thoughts that go with it. 

As of this hour, I ‘ve downed a couple of shots already… Hence the blogging and pouring of English vocabulary. I find it amusing though, how a dose of alcohol can make you brutally honest and hold no barres in speaking out your mind. So what’s running in my alcohol influenced mind at this moment? 

Earlier today, while the boys were busy gaming, the girls (including I) watched ‘Always be my maybe’ which starred Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz. I honestly thought it was a good movie despite the bad reviews I’ve read from way back. I think it’s mostly because I was able to relate from the story. It highlighted how 2 heart broken strangers found each other, became each other’s sort of best friends and then somehow, fell in love. Clichè but it happens. It happened to me you know? 

Moving on, I go to the different choices I’ve made. I made mistakes and big life decisions in the past, and for a period of time, I questioned my self if it was right. Thankfully, with each day passing I become more and more convinced that indeed, as much as most of it took lots of guts and leap of faith, I believe I’ve made the right decision and don’t regret any of it. Some may not fully comprehend why, but I have my reasons. I know there’s no point explaining anyway. 

I’m fairly drunk but still, I could decently type this. This type of night, I wish my friends were here. I’ve never been the type to just open up to anybody and I tend to cling to the people who’ve earned my trust. So now, yeah, I’m yearning for them. Unfortunately, were on different sides of the earth so I have go suck it in. Truly it’s hard to find ‘quality’ friends nowadays. 


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