Blabbermouth, Mema


Lot of things running in my mind (as usual) and my emotions as of this moment can’t seem to keep up. Hashtag – June, please be good to me.

School, has finally finished (thank God) BUT that awful theoretical exam (which turned out to be purely anatomy)  has eaten us all alive. I could still recall how me and 19 other classmates crawled out of the testing room. Hashtag – good effin luck!

As much as I enjoy my new work in theatres, I think I miss the concrete jungle that is the ward. Mainly the interaction with the patients. Not thay I have anything against my new post. I’m honestly having fun and the people are just lovely, it’s just that I think I want.. More. Hashtag- career decisions.

Homebound. I’m coming home next week! 70% of my ambivalence is accounted for this reason. I’m excited and nervous and gaaaah! Serious planning will surely come after. Wish me/ us luck! Hashtag – homecoming thrills!

I have too many plans and goals to achieve for myself this year and for some reason, I feel the pressure building up. I have this insane feeling of running out of time and losing some opportunities if I slack off. Hashtag- Pressure pa more


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