I woke up like this

The 14-hour trip from the Philippines won’t stop me from seeing one of my life-pegs. Magkamatayan na. Ravan, ganern! 

Backstory: I got back in UK around Saturday midnight and as expected, (jetlagged) only got some sleep around half past 3, only after buying the Yonce ticket. I failed to set any alarms since all my batteries were maxed out but I didn’t really think I would sleep till late afternoon.

After some time, I woke up. Walked to where I charged my phone and saw it was already half past 6. Double checked with the watches beside it which bore the same time. Instantly, my brain panicked! I felt my world whirled around me and suddenly felt dizzy and tripped going to the bathroom. I cursed and rushed and cursed again, thinking I was so late. I even thought of not taking a bath anymore and just head out which is literally tempting and kept whispering myself I could pass up with the tagline: I woke up like this. Anyway, I did a wuick bath and changed and then, my housemate messaged me, asking if I had a spare charger. So I said yes, and brought it to the next room. While I was handing it to her, I asked her:

Me: ate, umaga ba ngayon or gabi na? (Take note, I was already dressed and ready to go at this time)

Ais: umaga palang. Nagtataka nga ako sayo bat ang aga mo naligo, nagready hahahahaha

Me: 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

Shengeneh! Wow Mali! Hahahahah. Okay, so I totally panicked for no reason. On the good side, I still had loads of time to kill.

Fast forward to: W E M B L E Y!

I wanted to get the pitch standing tickets but considering my height vs the Brits, and the amount of people who will prolly watch, I saved myself the hassle of neck stretching, tip toeing and got a seat instead. My spot’s not that bad though.

I wish I could show you more pictures, or videos but as I do in most concerts I’ve been, I try to have the full experience sans the camera/phone on my hands. But I’m telling you, she was just phenomenal. The energy is unbelievable. Not even a trace of heavy breathing from the singing and awesome dancing. I just can’t even.

On her last song, (Halo) as much as I’d hate to admit, I was actually crying. It was an unbelievable experience (who would’ve thought this probinsyana would see her idol) + an inspiring song (damang dama ko ang bawat lyrics teh! Hugot to the max!) 

I’m still on a yoncè-high. My heart is smiling.


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