Aca-sabihan, Blabbermouth

Timehop: 2 years to why

Thanks to timehop, I was reminded of one of my “self-destruct” days. 

Two years ago, I was asked this question which in turn made me burst in tears. I didn’t get the chance to answer, I just cried and cried knowing how this decision was one of the reasons that led to a failed relationship. Backstory was: I had everything mapped out in my head. Timeline, details. I simply thought I had everything figured out. Then, out of the blue, “UK” came in the picture. It was not an opportunity you just set aside. It was something you grab with open arms. 

It was a choice between relationships. Me or us. In a single heartbeat, I chose myself. Maybe it was foolish. Maybe it was selfish. Maybe, I was too ambitious. But also, maybe it was just what I needed. And I was right. I did need this. And I couldn’t be more happy for making this decision. 


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