3 AM

Amazing news: I’ve caught this year’s strain of flu and it’s too strong I’ve been huffing and puffing for 2 (or actually 3?) straight days now. 

So, 3am thoughts? 

I’ve been annoyed lately with an old friend who I can confirm loves to stir some conflict between people and make it appear like he’s a moderator, or someone you can talk and listen to. I don’t even want to know where he’s going with this but please. Just. Stop. I don’t get why you want to meddle with issues that a. you’re not even a part of and b. is done. Just of focus on your own life and issues and stop involving ours in yours. Thank you. Ü


I never fully understood how crazy wedding planning is until now. There’s too many things to plan and to choose from I can’t even decide on a theme/motif cause there’s too much fancy things on Pinterest! Haha. I’ve pinned and pinned pegs and pretty things  which doesn’t help at all cause I keep changing my mind whenever I see something else. I’ve also printed out these wedding checklists which in a way diverted my focus in a certain direction so my whatthefuckamidoing thoughts are slowly dissolving. So far, we have booked a date (shet, wala nang atrasan to!), slowly building up our pre-nup album (most pictures are from different travels) and booked a church + venue. Next step (I think) should be finalising our wedding suppliers (we have already pre-decided), finalise guest list then invites! Whoo! I didn’t really realise we’ve done this much till now. 
Wish me luck mga bes! 


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