Lamyerda Diaries

Second stop: Cotswold, Arlington Row, Bibury

From the pagoda tragedy Harry Potter adventure, we still had time and sunlight so instead of the original plan to go there tomorrow, pinush na on the same day teh! The drive from Watford to Bibury was roughly around 2hours. In between the journey we had to stop to take a power nap and eat our baong Adobo.

We got there at about 5pm and it was just perfect! Sakto ang tirik ng araw!

Cotswold is dubbed as the best village in England and I must say- SUPER MEGA AGREE!! Super posh and I felt like I was a Madame while walking around. Lakas maka hacienda ng feels. Plus, the people are really nice and warm and naturally friendly, super give way sila samin since nakatimer lang ang mga picture taking. Sila talaga ang nag-aadjust.
I’m just not sure if they rent out the cottages though, or if anyone is residing there pero you could see from the windows na fully furnished ang interiors niya. I also enjoyed the fact that there is no cell reception in the area so mas todo ang bonding kasi walang internet na istorbo. You can also enjoy your tea time with the amigas since feel na feel mo talagang shala ka.

Since ang ganda ng background, we also took this opportunity to film our #fettywapchallenge. Hahahaha. Mga kachorvahang trip ko lang, pero thank god game si papa Gelo. One local who witnessed our ganap and said she’s gonna search for us in youtube daw. Pak! Gow ate!

After the video shoot (Naks!) we just had to absorb the beautiful scenery. I could honestly see myself retiring here someday, basta afford ko ha!

Bet ko rin yung pa bridge over troubled water nila.

As far as I know, there’s one hotel which is in the actual area which is The Swan. It is apparently a 4-star hotel so kayo na bahala magsearch sa presyo. I didn’t bother checking it na since medyo purita ang budget namen so we just rented a B&B near the area.

A few good hours there and we decided to call it a dat. Sakto, pa-sunset narin.

Next stop: Bath!


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