Blabbermouth’s my birthday I’ll get high if I want to

Now Playing: TAKE CARE cover of FLORENCE & the MACHINE

My official Birthday Anthem since 2012

When I was younger, prolly in my early teens, I had this visual in my head of what my life would be when I turn 28. I was a hardcore daydreamer so I had all these details in mind.

At 28, I will already be in California. I will be a successful career woman but at the same time a wife and a mother of 1 or 2 wonderful children. I have my own car, mortgage, enough money in the bank and above else, I will be utterly happy.

Well. Anyare?!? Obviously, everything didn’t go according to plan. Hahahaha. But you know what? I had all these amazing adventures and charrozcaldos that I would never exchange to the perfect life I have planned. I moved, traveled, started a whole new life, built (and still building) a career, burned and built relationships, met new people. sigh. Writing this now actually makes me emotional. Looking back through everything, I know I deserve more than just a pat on the back. Ang lakas mo teh. Iba ka. (Hashtag: certificate of self appreciation)

Sadly, I can’t reward myself with travel this year. Lanakompera hahahah. So here I am, trying to write a sensible birthday entry which I think is not making any more sense. So before I end this, I would just like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the people who have been a part of my life (wow, feeling artista lang!). If in case any of you are reading this, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Amira Camille, 28 from England! A full time nurse, part time daydreamer; still renting a house, shares a car with the boyfriend, no children yet, bound to be married (soon) but otherwise, HAPPY!

Happy Birthday to me!





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