After 3 years..

Wow UK, 3 years already?

It’s funny how much we’ve all changed in a span of three years. I myself thought I wouldn’t survive leaving my comfort zone but look at me now? Ang taba na and all. But it was easier coping somehow because of these people – my dearest batchmates- who have become my second family away from home.

We chose to celebrate this year with a simple meal- KFC, pizza and wine! Good thing I had a collection of videos from our first year so we sort of rekindled our beginning with those. Man, I could just remember our first year – we sure did have loads of drinking, wet and wild parties, BBQ’s, karaoke, games. Three years later, we’re all (still) broke (because, visa renewal), no more wild parties just calm dinner and wine and talk. I wonder what the coming years will bring to us..


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