As I age, I no longer fancy the same things. As much as I want to keep exploring and fill my journal with amazing charrozcaldos, I just can’t always live with that hyped up lifestyle anymore. Hence, I discovered a whole new side of me perfectly contented inside the corners of my home, or keeping my turf as pleasant
as it could be! I’ve always been a homebuddy anyway but I think I took it to a whole new level now that I’m older. Here are some of my domesticated self discoveries, habits and guilty pleasures:

  • Ikea/any home shopping > outlet shopping
  • You can never have too many sheets.
  • Quality > quantity. Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you have to buy it.
  • House must haves: scented candles, diffusers, spray
  • Grocery shopping is so therapeutic. I enjoy my mental computations on everything in my basket/trolley
  • Bleach puhleeeease. I’m on the OC side so I should always have this in stock. One down and upstairs.
  • Fire extinguishers and safety blanket
  • Costco black bags (with ties) are the best.
  • I always have at least 1 spare of each condiments (just in case we run out.)
  • At least 2 ice cream tubs or popsicles are required in the fridge in case of any emergency.
  • Fridge must have: Ice cubes
  • I love dipping everything in vinegar so  I have this pre-made mixture in a tin which has garlic and onions and pepper.
  • Medyo-secret stash: chocolate and gummy bears
  • For some reason, I prefer using the liquid detergent capsules than the powder. Idk but whateva
  • Sun dried clothes is love. Nothing can ever compare.
  • Invest in a high quality vacuum
  • Must have: FAN. Once I bought a cheap one but it just suddenly and literally collapsed on the floor and stopped working. I require a heavy duty one cause I use it even on winter.
  • Fridge must have: a bottle or 2 of wine.
  • One fully organised and labelled folder container for all the important files. Make sure it has a handle so in case of emergency, it’s less hassle.
  • Invest in quality knives and pots.
  • Fridge must have: japanese mayo!!!
  • It is cheaper to buy groceries at ALDI or LIDL than the rest of the big names!
  • Always have lemon. Always
  • Guilty pleasure: panties!!!

Time check: 00:28h! I should get some sleep by now cause I’m bank in the next few hours! I’ll catch up with you again later. Ta!



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