Daydreaming about going on a roadtrip

Listening to Genesis by Dua Lipa

Drinking Tequila with friends

Smelling Jasmine candle scent

Feeling reminiscent; emotional

Thinking of life’s series of changes and what not

Time Check: 00:21H
Yesterday was my last day at work in Theatres. The year I’ve spent in this place made me realise loads of things about myself and what I want in my career. I want interaction with patients; I want to be actively involved in the care. I’ve also learned that I won’t put up with some surgeon’s attitudes at giving them everything they demand for; 🙄😂 That I’m not built for this type of job, and that it just made me so unhappy. So, I quit (after I got a new job offer course). It was bitter sweet though, cause as much as I didn’t enjoy the actual work, I had plenty of fun with the people I worked with. I was wretched to leave just because of them. 😢

I wonder what my future will be in my new post. Wish me luck!



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