3 months worth of jetlag


It’s 02:15AM and although I have work in a while, I’m still very much wide awake. I blame a really bad mix of 3 months worth of jetlag and insomnia. Nakakaloka! Anyway, I have too many stories to share, I don’t even know where to start! I just felt like I needed to blab a bit of random things in my head for a little while, baka ito magpa antok sa aken.

Let me start with probably the biggest pasabog that happened to me lately: I just got MARRIED!!! Whew! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my life is whole lot different now starting with my new name- Mrs. Amira Camille RAMOS. Wow. I still try to pinch myself every once in a while, just to make sure that all of this is true! Parang di parin ako makapaniwala- it’s like one day, I was just happy on my own. I was just imagining, visualising, wishing and praying for this. Now, it’s really happening- or it already happened I must say! Iba ka talaga Lord. Lodi, petmalu omsim!!!!


I plan to chika in detail how we’ve planned and done everything, which would be helpful for overseas couples who plan to tie the knot in the Philippines. I’m happy cause I was very hands on, and we only booked an On-the-day coordinator. Most of the details were DIY as well so kwento ko nalang lahat next time! Yung mas todo detalyado for you guys. (Char! Kala mo naman andaming readers!)

Another highlight- our ‘honeymoon’ to US of A! Yihiiiiiiiii. This was of course, a very generous gift by my sissum-in-law. I’m still sorting all the pictures and videos so full kwento will be in another entry. Ang saya lang. Good vibes pa more!


I also have a lot of insights on this trip which I wish, maikwento ko ulit sa ibang entry. Sana sipagin ako. Nakaka tuwa lang that all these blessings are pouring on us. I’m so thankful cause despite all the hardship, trials, dramarama etc. – I, este WE (kasi married na, so it’s not just about me anymore. Naks) are blessed.

Okay. Di pa ako antok, but I have to force myself to sleep now. I swear, once all the chaos has cleared, i-chichika ko lahat dito. Should I vlog na ba? Chaaar! Oh siya, see yah!


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