Kundi puyat, may sakit

As the title implies!

I’ve noticed lang na of all times that I write, yun ay pag insomiac mode ako, or bedridden. Ganun na ba ka-busy ang life ko? Parang I want to do something new, and different just to break off all the routine.

Ayun na nga. I had to go home early today cause I felt so nauseated. Feeling ko nahawa ako sa mga ward na pinasara ko dahil sa Noro. Saklap lang. Di pa nagparamdam yung symptoms kahit sana tomorrow nalang dahil last day of work na yun. Oh well papel.

Anetch paba? I’m just hovering around sa room ngayon, and yes! Here’s my bullet journal-year in pixels!

Nakakahappy siyang pagmasdan. Parang may summary ako of how this year went by. It’s also nice to see na despite those blue areas (sad,depressed moments), mas madami paring matingkad na eksena.

I also just received this doll. I’ve never been the girly girl and I am not a fan of pink but since may asawa nako, hahahah I’m trying to get in touch with my feminine side char! Eto na siya! Siyempre my first instinct nung pinapapili ako black kaagad! But when I saw the white and rose gold details, I fell in love. Na-feel ko yung pagkababae ko. And, it matches my room so avail! Also, I’ve promised myself na in the coming year, I will start building a library- books and records. Sa books medyo puno ko na yung isang shelf ko, so I bought another shelf for my record collection. Hihi!

Speaking of books, I finally had time to read again! Well, initially I bought books for our flight to LA kaso pagoda ang lola, di ko na nabasa. Pero paguwi naman ng UK, naisingit parin siya.

The story is set in UK, and has the ‘gone girl’ ish feel. I found this through #wtfending and yes napa watdapak talaga din ako. I love how twisted the story is. Made me excited to read more books next year! Anubeyen sobrang busy ko na sa books and music ko!

Maiba naman. Bukod sa books and music, another thing that I love is travel. From the last countries I’ve visited, I got the usual souvenirs na mga keychain, shotglass anik anik. But I’m having trouble finding a good storage place for all of them. Plus dumihin. Accumulates dust. I also have a scratch map sa room so parang andami na masyadong paandar medyo messy na tignan. And then I read in one of the tumblr blogs I follow about sending yourself a postcard from where you currently are and that sounded like a really good idea. So, I’ve started na but I’m still trying to be consistent, so bungi bungi pa but getting there. I’ve not travelled much the past year and this year din so ito palang.

So the one from Venice was from last year. Then yung Cali I just received yesterday. Still waiting for the Temecula and Vegas cards. May pa-message din ako at the back, sort of reminding me of the things I enjoyed doing sa place na yun and yung most important is, may stamp yung service kung saan siya nasend. I’ll probably try to keep this up sana ma push ko pa.

Ano pa ba mga mamshie?


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