Yep. It’s that time of the month. I may be oversharing but my hormones just wouldn’t stop. So, here it goes.

Let’s start this random PMS post with this piece of cake. This is a left over from my birthday 2 days ago. I’m not a big fan of cakes but, I do like to eat a particular kind. The kind that has been left in the fridge for a number of days. There’s just something with the taste of leftover cakes that I adore. Weird but I love it. So yeah, I’m left here to munch on it. While I’m blabbing nonsensical things about myself.

After dinner and clearing out the dishes, I went ahead and folded some of my laundry and the hubby went upstairs to play his new game. Some couples I know hate it when their beau’s play. I actually enjoy it because gaming time = me time. And I love and treasure me-time. This is important to me cause I have always been used to doing things on my own. So, with this I decided to binge on youtube videos and I came across Videos from Hamilton the musicale. I have been wanting to watch this live for the longest time (since they began) and I was so ecstatic when they finally announced that they’re coming to the west end. Unfortunately, tickets are so hard to cop (fully booked till June), and a bit pricey (for me at least). But I really really want to watch!!! All I could do for now is to drown myself in their music.

Another random PMS thought, and regret. We’ve missed Paramore’s concert a week ago. I’m so depressed. (OA!!!)




Hubby’s here now and were about to watch a movie. Also means random rant will be cut short for now. Till next time. Taaaa!


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