My best case scenario (A Prelude)

We’ve all been through the rough patches in life. I mean, sino ba namang hindi? At some point, we all came to a phase where we wanted to just give up and drop everything. Bahala na.

I couldn’t count by hand (and feet) how many times I was on the verge of giving up and just ending everything once and for all. But I still came through, every. single. time. I did learn important lessons though. And some techniques or perhaps mechanisms to halt disappointments and heartaches.

What’s your BEST case – WORST case scenario?

Everytime I get into difficult situations, big decisions, I always ask this to myself. And overtime, it has transformed me into a hardcore realist. It did have it’s downside though. My walls were way up and unreasonably robust but hey, it worked for me.

When my almost 12-year relationship ended, I was shattered. Ang hirap. Ang sakit. For lack of better word, it was a f*cking sh*thole! And if I’m gonna be honest, drinking, partying helped me cope and travelling helped me heal my grieving heart. Also, I had replayed the best and worst case scenario button in my head a million times. And then, out of nowhere, I bumped into a broken soul. It’s funny how fate led 2 freshly wounded souls (in short, parehong galing break-up) together. We began as friends – we talked, laughed, stress walked (we just walked and walked silently anywhere, thinking), and for most times, cried together. We became each others shoulder to cry on, sabay tugtog ng Scared to death at Wag ka nang umiyak (Ebe and Kz version, way before nag-trending yung kay Gary V) . Ang emo ng friendship namen. It felt like we were both in a severely destructive phase na anytime, puputok. And for those who didn’t know or understand what we were going through, and what we had, people simply assumed. At one point, we were even each other’s reasons for apparently breaking up with our partners hahaha. Nkklk! It was just a frenzy of emotions and hearsay. Ang gulo! Pero kebs nalang. What’s important is I/we just move on from this dark cloud over us para masaya na. Nakakapagod din eh.

After a few months, I got over the depression phase. I decided to head for the best case scenario and just move on with my life. And you know what, it is just one of the most exhilirating feeling ever – knowing you have fresh start. A clean slate. Freedom. And with my fresh start, I began falling inlove. Tricky at first, given both our history. I was hopeful, but never expected. Pero, akalain mo?

So there my friends, is the synopsis of how I got my best case scenario: unexpectedly, unintentionally, I found the love of my life. From 2 lost, damaged souls into starting anew into a lifetime of love. Funny how you find love in the most unusual time, place and circumstance.


First picture: note the friendship gap


My love ❤️


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