Random Snippets

Daily snippets: #1

I’m thinking of writing a piece of my random musings here everyday. Shall I give it a go, yeah?

• I am at a point in my life where curing a hang over requires minimum of 10 hours. This also includes 1.5 litre of coke, sabaw and not engaging in any brain-provoking activities.

• I don’t regret my decision of deactivating my account on Facebook (almost 3 weeks now) . I don’t even miss it. I am loving the silence.

• I will take gym seriously. (K.)

• I am officially giving up on hand bags. It just doesn’t work for me. Backpack girl forever

• Since I have more spare time now (cause I’m no longer stuck aimlessly scrolling on FB), I’ve been improving my editing skills on Premiere Pro.


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