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Random snippets: #2

I think it was the alcohol talking earlier that promised to do the daily snippets. Now that my head is back in the clear, I realised I just can’t do that every single day. I’m not that interesting lol.

• Watch Darkest Hour first, and then Dunkirk. Both thrilling and inspiring and doubles the impact watching it in this order.

• I’m not a big fan of horror movies but I do watch it anyway (peer pressure *scoffs*). I’ve recently watched Veronica on Netflix. I honestly expected a bit more basing from reviews but I wasn’t as compelled. The actors (Antoñito is so adorable!) were really good though. Adding to its appeal is that it’s based on a true story.

• I didn’t go to the gym today. Bukas nalang. (Yeah right)

I’m still not over The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack.

• My becklings will be here again on the weekend! Rampaaaaaa!!!


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