Lamyerda Diaries

The Grandest Showgays

From the raging heat of Tuguegarao to the bitter cold winds (with a dash of snow) of London. This is indeed true mga teh! It does still feel surreal. I remember those days when we were still praying for this. How on those random emotera nights we were planning of going to places we only just dreamed of seeing. My heart is full knowing that somehow, we are living up our dreams and achieving our life goals. Started from the bottom now still bottomesa ang peg! Charot!


Lakas maka pa rosy cheeks ni weather! Kala mo meztizahin!

Hello! I’ve been busy the last few days because of work and spending quality time with these lovely ladies. It’s such a nice feeling to have your closest friends around. Yung mga friends who saw you nung mga uligba moments mo palang. More importantly, yung friends who can match your level of craziness! Can you just stay here forever?

When we were still in college, we used to have this dream na “one day, pag nasa abroad na, pagdating sa kainan hindi na kkb. Maguunahan na tayo sa pagbabayad ng bill”. In fairness, na-achieve na namin yan!

This was not their first time to visit though. They went here last October for my beki edition bridal shower and during that time, mega clubbing pa ang mga ate. This time, even though St. Paddy’s we all just opted to go home. Tapos the next day, nag tsaa na lang ang mga tita!

I wish we can do this every week, kaso taga Ireland pa yung dalawa so keri na yung every few months or so. I am still hoping na one day, all of our barkada will reunite again. Literal na nagkahiwa hiwalay na kame ( Canada, New Zealand, US, UK, Republic of Ireland, Middle East and Pinas). I miss all the crazy things we do together and how I can laugh non stop! Possible pala yun?


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