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Random Snippets: #3


I am in a quiet mood today. I started having this nasty cough earlier this week and after 6 days of work (5 days regular, 1 day bank), I could feel my body giving up on me. I just wanted to curl up and be lazy in bed. But that’s not happening. Not today at least.

My day started at 10. Went to buy some stash for the coming week then went home, sat on the sofa and started playing pubg, watched random videos on youtube which went on for x amount of hours until I ended up watching 4 sisters and a wedding. Next thing I know, it was already 6pm and it was time to get ready to go to the party. Inner me was moaning, but since I promised, I just needed to show up.

Which brings me to now: it’s 1130pm, and still at the party. I am blogging because A. I am not in a very sociable mood B. I want to appear busy so I won’t feel the need to converse. My game plan is working so far.

I no longer remember the exact time but I’m pretty sure it has been more than a month since I quit facebook. I’m planning to cut down on other social media sites soon namely Instagram and maybe do a whole month social cleanse? I just feel more at peace with life lately. I actually have more time to do things! Imagine all those time spent just scrolling endlessly and converting it to something more productive. This is just me anyway. Feel free to try it though :)

I am missing travelling. We had to cut down our pace because of the wedding last year and now, we’re thinking if we should pick up where we left off but we have our (too expensive) permanent residency to think of as well. Living abroad, this has been one of the pa-consuelo we can give ourselves from all those gruelling hours of work. Fortunately, flying across Europe from where I am is fairly cheap so I just have to take advantage of it. Hoping to get back to Lamyeda Diaries soon!

I forgot to mention, 2 of our batchmates just gave birth, 2 are on the way! Imagine the transition! From single to married to family! I’m glad our UK family is growing. ❤️


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