Blabbermouth, Random Snippets

Random Snippets: #4

It’s 2am. Break time.

I decided to work on nights today. Might as well put my insomnia into good use instead of just staring at the ceiling waiting for hours.

I was so productive yesterday. Woke up at 9, rearranged our room which is a habit of mine. I like rearranging and cleaning. It keeps me relaxed. Apart from turning the room upside down, I changed all the sheets- another obsession of mine; I washed clothes + soiled sheets; Cleaned the living/dining room and kitchen – basically the whole house pala. I just realised it now as I am typing. I enjoy doing this especially when I have the house all to myself. Sort of my me-time I suppose. Lakas maka tita.

While cleaning, I found my old journals. I’m thinking of migrating those written thoughts here one of these days. Re-reading my entries made me see how much I’ve changed and how I’ve handled some of my battles. It’s actually fun to read how emo I was.


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