Random Snippets

Random Snippets: #5

Keeping true to my promise of keeping my blog alive, here I am again writing about random stuff I’m sure none of you would really be interested of but whatever, I’m bored. But if your reading this anyway, hello. Let me bore you with these random facts about me hanash I got from Pinterest because blog ko nga to haha char!

  1. When were you born? 20 January. I won’t disclose the year though para kunwari private person ako. Char ulit!
  2. What did you love most about your hometown? I grew up in a small town up north- Tuguegarao City. I remember when I was younger, people who new little of our place would make remarks about either how hot our place could get during the summer OR the worst question ever, “May Jollibee ba kayo dun?”. Anyway, anlayo na ng sagot ko but yes people, may Jollibee, Mcdo, Chowking, KFC at madami pang iba. But what I loved most was probably how everything was quite simple and chill. We didn’t have big malls or bars or amusement parks or huge cinemas back then so going out with friends/family meant that you really bonded and talked. And of course, pansit batil patung.
  3. What were some nicknames growing up? I’ve always been called ACA – (A)Mira (CA)mille all my life. My family also used to call me SISA cause I talk to myself a lot (I’m an only child so that was how I entertained myself lol). Others would call me ACS, CA, MI and then in college some of my friends started to call me ACAMIRA (pronounced as ACAMEERA or on certain moods, ACAMYRA).
  4. What is your favourite way to relax? Full body massage forever. However, it is way too expensive to get one here in the UK so bubble bath it is.
  5. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Eat anything without getting fat charot! Kidding aside, it would probably be teleportation.
  6. What really scares you? FROGS.
  7. One place you would love to travel to? Ultimately, JAPAN!
  8. What’s the best book you’ve ever read? My heart is still set with Judith McNaught’s Paradise.
  9. One thing you still want to learn to do? Play drums
  10. What’s one of your nervous habits? When I’m really nervous, my tongue get’s itchy (weird, I know) which I sort of scratch thru my teeth (and gross?).

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