Lamyerda Diaries

Lamyerda Diaries: Oxford, Oxfordshire

So what’s up?

I’ve decided to cancel my bank shift for this weekend. I thought after all those weeks of work, I deserve some rest and relaxation.

R&R officially commenced Friday night. Hubby had boys night out, housemate Mike went globtrotting somewhere so I had the house all to myself! I did my usual thing – bubble bath, face mask, aromatherapy and relaxing spa music. Eng sherep beh. The only thing missing was a full body massage but I have yet to find a place/person who offers this at a reasonable price. Anyway, the main goal was to relax and na-achieve naman. Pak!

Saturday. The plan was to go to the beach however, I woke up really late and was actually not in the mood to move so we decided to cancel it. Out of nowhere, nagkayayaan. We ended up driving 2 hours to Oxford. I fell in love instantly. I just adore the ambiance. Plus ang daming gwapo mga veh, I kenat! Char! It just had a very chill vibe which I did not expect at first. It wasn’t as crowded as Cambridge although the buildings/structures were quite similar sans the canal. I can actually see myself living here. Add extra point cause they have a branch of Shoryu Ramen. I think the only downside will be 1) Oxford has been dubbed as one the most expensive cities to live on 2) A bit farther from Central London.

Anyway, back to Lamyerda Diaries- it was a 2 hour drive from Essex and the first spot we went to was the Blenheim Castle and gardens.


Entering the actual castle would cost £26- ang mahal mag mashie! Since were more interested in just strolling around, we opted for the park and garden tour which only cost 16 quid.


It kind of had a Kensington gardens feel but 3x times bigger! And there’s more area with a wide variety of trees plus a really huge pond/lake in the middle. Walking through the whole adult park area alone took us around 30-45 minutes. Luckily, the weather cooperated so di nakaka haggardo v. 


One other feature of the place was their Pleasure Park where they house the Marlborough Maze.



After the Blenheim, we went to their high street. Knowing it was a Saturday evening, I kind of expected it to be packed but nope! Pubs/bars were packed but not as busy as a Saturday night in London (esp. Soho area).


Radcliffe Camera

Unfortunately, it was too late to enter the Christ Church Uni to see the big dining hall and stairs from Harry Potter movies so we just sat and people watched outside.


I wonder how busy the area gets on weekdays. I’m looking forward to visit again soon!

Bear with my video! Natamad Ako mag edit chuchu


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