ThisIsMe on This is Us

After months and months of contemplation I finally decided to start watching This is Us (Mandy Moore opposite my high school crush, Milo Ventimiglia). I heard about this series from Good Times with Mo podcast and how DJ Mo kept recommending it to everyone so yes, I finally watched it!

It’s one of those stories where it feels real. Like it happens to everyone. And the way they shift different timelines is just brilliant. I also love how each character is relatable. It is basically about a non-conventional but closely knit family – which is usually a very sensitive topic for me but watching each episode just gets me sobbing everytime. I can’t believe how every fiber of my being gets so affected (ang oa ko don sa every fiber ha! Hahahaha!) – maybe I’m just overly sensitive and a cry baby or maybe, it just showed me something that I’ve always wanted to have and how important family is no matter how dysfunctional, imperfect it is.

2 seasons down and a hundred buckets of tears later (okay, that can’t be true, maybe just 5 buckets max), I therefore conclude that I want AND need a JACK PEARSON in my life. That Rebecca like my Mama sacrificed a lot of things for her family; she may appear tough on the outside but if you dig deeper, all you see is fear, worry and nothing but compassion for her children; she only wants the best. The Pearson family took me in an emotional rollercoaster- really good ride though, I might add.

Since I have this habit of saving quotable lines while watching, why don’t I share them with you anyway!!

  • Life feels like Pac-Man sometimes, I guess. It’s the same game all over again. Same board. Same ghosts. Sometimes, you get a bunch of cherries but eventually and inevitably, those ghosts catch up with you
  • Sometimes you just got to do the right thing. You got to do the right thing, even if it’s not what you want
  • If at some point in your life, you find the way to show somebody the same kindness that your parents showed you, that’s all the present I’ll need
  • It’s a helluva lot easier to accept what you are, in all your damaged glory, than to try and be someone you’re not.
  • I know it feels like you have all the time in the world, but you don’t. So stop playing it cool
  • There is no such thing as a long time ago. There’s only memories that mean something and memories that don’t.
  • It was kind of like we lost a hear, and there was no place for the blood to go
  • I think everybody sees their childhood with different lenses, different perspectives
  • Every battlescar is gonna be another memory

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